How to Ride the Bus

  1. 1 Board the bus from the back door

    For Miyagi Kotsu / Miyakoh Bus regular bus services, the back door is the entrance and the front door is the exit.

  2. 2 Take a boarding ticket when boarding the bus

    Take a boarding ticket from the bus ticket machine at the entrance. Please don’t fold, bend, or roll up this ticket. Keep it with you until you get off the bus.

    • Customers using transport action IC cards such as icsca or Suica should tap their card on the IC card reader instead of taking a boarding ticket. The boarding ticket number or card balance will be displayed so make sure to check these.
      (*IC cards are accepted on limited Miyakoh Bus routes.)
  3. 3 Take a seat

    Please quickly take a seat in any available seat. If no seats are available, please hold onto the straps or hand rails.

    *Please do not move through the bus while it is in motion Thank you helping to prevent an accident on board the bus.

  4. 4 Push the stop button to get off the bus

    When your stop appears on the monitor at the front of the bus, please press the stop button immediately.
    (the button will light up when pressed.)

  5. 5 Check your fare

    Please check your fare it is shown on the monitor at the front of the bus. The fare you pay is shown in the section with the same number as your boarding ticket.
    (Fares for children are half fare. Fractions are rounded up in units of 10 yen)
    Fares change depending on which bus stop you get off at, so please check after the name of your bus stop appears.

    • For customers using IC cards, the fare is automatically deducted when getting off the bus.
  6. 6 Exit from the front door

    Exit the bus from the front door. Please leave your seat only after the bus has come to a complete stop.
    Put your fare and your boarding ticket in the fare box n ext to the driver’s seat. Note that no change is returned from the fare box.

    • Customers who wish to change money should insert cash into the money changing slot. Note that 2,000, 5,000, and 10,000 yen notes can’t be changed, so we ask for your cooperation in having coins or a 1,000 yen note ready in advance.
    • For customers using transport cards such as icsca or Suica, please tap them on the IC card reader. Please ask the driver if you want to charge your card

Our requests when paying for your trip

  • When paying fares for multiple people, please tell the driver how many people you are paying for before you pay.
  • We ask that customers who have a disability certificate show it to the driver before making payment. The full fare will be charged If it isn’t shown, so don’t forget to bring it with you.